2019 Feb 15 - Airbus A380 Ending Production

This week saw Airbus announce that it was going to be ending production of its iconic A380, the double decker aircraft with a price tag as large as its size and its size matched only by the length of the security queue as people look at their watches and ponder two questions: 1) How is a bottle of water as dangerous as the machine gun next to it on the banned items list and 2) If you had planned to take a machine gun on board where were you planning on putting it? It certainly won't fit in the overhead locker. The aircraft has a price tag of around half a billion pounds, depending on the layout of the interior and whether you're including the bribery costs upfront in the price tag while you smoke your hashish and offer to explore military upgrades with the crown prince as you both recline next to the pool.

The plane is a cartoonishly impressive piece of engineering, almost certainly dreamt up by the lead designer when his mother had given him too much chocolate and left him alone with the legos one Saturday afternoon. Building a beamoth double story plane was for a long time in the book of proposed ideas along with a mile high skyscrsaper, a car that can do 1000 miles per hour and whatever project Boris Johnson is set to propose next time he wants some media attention.

It is ob course worrying for the workers in the South West of England who ironically live quite near the road the A380 (which goes to Torbay) but to suggest as the BBC has that the decision is somehow because of Brexit is akin to suggesting that choosing between a glass of Malbec and a glass of beer is a political one that is dependent on whether you side with the Argentinian position on the Falklands Islands. The aircraft industry has for the last 10 years been in an idiological battle between whether the future profit in air travel is in the big routes such as London to New York or the niche emerging routes such as Philadelphia to Dubrovnic and it seems that the industry is moving more towards the smaller carbon composite offerings from Boeing, such as the 777X which will be offering the sort of energy cost saving that you normally only hear about when it's someone on the phone trying to scam you into getting an energy smart meter for your house. The only money saving you're likely to make one of those is from when your friends stop inviting you down the pub after they get bored of you constantly checking what your hourly gas useage is when you're not at home.

Overall the Airbus A380 comes across as a fantastic metaphor for Airbus' beloved EU really. Initially an impressive idea on paper but in reality, oversized, too expensive, mostly for the benefit of Germany, especially for the benefit of who have an expense account, not inline with general consumer demand, starting to come to an end and unlikely to be around in 20 years time.
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2018 Sep 29 - Labour Party Conference

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Anyway, there was much of what you'd expect, everyone out-doing each other with speeches about how much they hate money and why they sh ......

2018 Sep 22 - Theresa May in Salzburg

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Mrs May had gone over to Salzburg in order to push her Chequers proposal again but whilst Salzaburg was once home to Mozart, this week it was more Like that John Cag ......