2018 May 26 - Korean Peace?

Breaking news as the Korean Peninsula might be prepared to break out into all-out full-scale peace. Recently a book fell on my head and I only had my shelf to blame, but the the blame for the inability to agree to a peace deal for the past 60 years? Well that's long and complicated and largely above the pay grade of our current generation of politicians. Most recently, President Trump has been keen to sort out a peace deal as a grand plot twist to his real life reality tv series. Actually, when it comes to President Trump and Kim Jong Un there's more of a "will they won't they?" thing akin to Ross and Rachael from Friends. A show that was presumably syndicated in Pyongyang under the title "Our Enemies"

Anyway, "what's been going on?" you ask. Well a few weeks back Kim said that he was ready to denuclearize and give peace a chance, then after everyone agreed it emerged that his nuclear site had blown itself up and that was why he was suddenly coming to the table. Then both Mike Pence and John Bolton mentioned Lybia and even people with as little knowledge of the outside world as North Korea are aware that after Lybia gave up its weapons, the Americans organised for Colonel Gaddafi to be executed as part of a populist uprising.

Going back to that tv show analogy, it's a bit like if Trump made jokey references The Walking Dead or if Kim asked President Trump if he enjoyed that House Of Cards episode where Kevin Spacey is shot.

Where are we now then? Well North Korea is no longer a proper threat and they'd quite like to go back to where they were a few years ago, with access to oil and food and medicine. South Korea would probably quite like access to some of the North's slave labour manufacturing and logging production so with any luck the situation will revert to where it was 30 years ago, when America still had a popular screen entertainer as president.
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