2018 Jun 03 - World News Roundup

This week I thought I'd do a quick roundup of some of the various news stories from around the world. Like a Chinese buffet of news, except of course with less cat meat.

In America President Trump decided to implement a series of import tariffs on steel and aluminium which may or may not be illegal although I imagine that if it does go to court then the devil will be in the detail and the lawyers will probably spent most of the time arguing about whether the metal is spelled aluminium or aluminum. I said the devil would be in the detail, correction, the devil will be in a suit and be billing his client hundreds per hour.

In Korea, they're edging ever closer to that Peace Summit and I suppose that there's a fear/expectation that if they don't finally sort things out then President Trump might come down on them hard with an iron fist. Even if that iron fist would first have to likely pay a 20% export tariff thanks to the previous story.

Italy has new leadership this week after the Five Star Movement & the League (the winners in Italy’s recent general election) finally succeeded in their second attempt in putting together a coalition deal. To the losers I'd say don't worry, elections in Italy are like London busses. Or perhaps to use a more Italian analogy, they're like young ladies at Silvio Berlesconi's house, specifically there's an inappropriate number of them.

Spain also has a new ruler, there's was a change of leadership after King Felipe ousted the old prime minister following a corruption scandal and put Pedro Sanchez in charge of the country. I saw a picture of them in the newspaper with a caption underneath saying that Mr Sanchez was to the King's left, which kind of goes without saying really, he's a Spanish socialist he's probably to everyone's left.

In the UK the Daily Mail's celebrity sidebar has spilled over onto the news section with dozens of photographs from the Epsom Derby. In amongst the hats and the shoes, there's the Queen, celebrities like Liz Hurley and if you like both the queen AND celebrities, Helen Mirren's there too. I always feel it's a real shame that in spite of all the hats, the Queen never wears her big golden crown hat to the races. Mind you, maybe palace officials hide it in case she gets ideas about handing it over to a bookmaker.
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