2018 Jun 10 - G7 Summit

This weekend Canada hosted the G7 conference, a political get-together with a level of expectation and excitement akin to watching the numbers on a microwave ticking down before your substandard dinner. These meetings are supposedly meant to help the worlds biggest economies sort out ideas, which is no doubt why they don't invite China or India to the big economies get-together. To add insult to injury, Germany gets invited twice, once as itself and once as its puppet the EU.

President Trump was first out of the blocks to get on the headlines, raising the question of why Russia wasn't at the summit. That was one of those G7 "thing's you're not supposed to ask" questions, he may as well been asking if a waitress was single or quizzing Theresa May with a series of questions predicated with the expression "never have I ever" with Emmanuel Macron standing by to pour a line of Sambuka shots.

Frankly it's a sound point though, unless you invite Russia to the table, any discussion to do with Asia, the Middle East, Energy or banking is essentially null and void. As worthless mind as all the other platitudes that will no doubt be given out across an expensively laden Canadian banqueting table, all as part of the grand game of distraction from the news back home.

This week Theresa May would have probably travelled to anywhere to escape the mess back at Westminster. There were threatened resignations over her inability to act decisively on Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn even outplayed her at Prime Ministers Questions. I imagine he probably celebrated by buying himself a new hedgerow to drag himself through for next week's back-to-normal disheveled appearance.

Theresa claims or believes that she has enough supporters to get by as is. Except the Flat Earth society claims to have supporters all over the globe and you can probably see a logical contradiction in that one too...
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